Bucket Calf

Montezuma County Fair

Bucket Calf Program Rules

Fair Board contact: Erin Gordanier


  • To teach proper management skills as health care, nutritional needs and environmental needs of newborn cattle.
  • To teach basic beef management skills without a large financial investment.
  • To teach basic record keeping and communication skills
  • To provide a better understanding of the cattle industry.


  • Project is open to 5 years old and up.
  • Calves must be in possession within 4 weeks of birth. Any newborn or orphan calf (Bull, steer, or Heifer) calved between January 1st and June 1st can be part of this project. Any number of calves may be utilized for this project, but only one calf (one per dairy, one per beef) may be brought to fair for exhibition in the Bucket calf show.
  • Bucket calves may be returned next year in the market steer/heifer show or dairy show as long as the youth is of 4-H age. (8 as of January 1st.)
  • Calves must be bucket or bottle fed. No nursing permitted. No bucket calves with horns will be allowed to be exhibited at the fair.
  • Exhibitor is to follow “rules for exhibitor” in the fair book.
  • Grooming of calf should include washing and brushing. Show stick and clipping are optional.
  • All calves will be shown on a rope or show halter
  • Calves must be entered in the bucket calf contest through Montezuma.fairentry.com by the close of fair entry. (check with extension office for specific dates)
  • Calf must be checked by the veterinarian during the beef weigh in on Tuesday July 27th, 2021.
  • Please check-in with Erin Gordanier to get pen assignments



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