Family Gymkhana Order of Events

10:00 am Start time

Order of events

5 and under Mutton Bustin

Keyhole 5 and under

Keyhole 6-10

Goat tagging 5 and under

Goat tying 6-10

Goat tying 11-14

Goat tying 15-18

Barrels 5 and under

Barrels 6-10

Barrels 11-14

Barrels 15-18

Flag Race 6-10

Flag Race 11-14

Flag Race 15-18

Steer daubing 11-14

Steer daubing 15-18

Family Baton

Family Rawhide

Ribbon Roping

Award Ceremony to follow

Awards given 1st place to 5th place for overall point total in each age group. Boys and girls will run together but points will be separate for placing. Family events not included in overall totals.

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