1. How do I enter a 4-H Project in the Fair?

Go to http://Montezumacounty.org/csu-extension/csu-4-h/

2. How do I enter an open project at the Fair?

All open entries can be submitted the week of fair. For additional information, contact montezumacountyfairboard@gmail.com

3. How much does it cost to attend the Fair?
Admission to the Fair is free. However, some entertainment may have a separate admission.

4. Can I bring a cooler?

Yes, coolers are allowed on the fairgrounds. They will not be allowed into any paid entertainment venue.

5. Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds with the exception of service dogs or dogs for competition.

6. Where can I find a schedule of the fair this year?

Click here for a schedule.

9. Do I need to buy a ticket for my 4 year old for the concert?

No, kids 4 years and younger are free.

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