Farmers Market/Craft Fair Application

You can go here for the farmers market contract

There will be no charge for the Farmers Market and the Craft Fair Booths this year.  We do ask that you do not bring prepared foods such as coffee, burritos, sandwiches etc. Since we do charge our food vendors for a spot and it wouldn’t be fair to them if you are selling prepared foods. Jams, jellies, bread, etc are OK. If you are selling these you must have a copy of your CO. food handlers license.

General Information:
Name: _______________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________ State: _________
Email: _______________________________________Phone: _______________________________ Cell Phone: _______________________________
‘ Grower/Agricultural Producer: I sell raw agricultural products including vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, herbs, honey, plants, or flowers
‘ Value-Added Food Producer: I turn raw agricultural products into food for sale including breads, pastries, cheeses, nut butters, salsa, wines, etc.
‘ Cottage Foods: I am a value-added food producer and comply with all the requirements under the Colorado Cottage Food Act.
‘ Arts and Crafts and Personal Care Items: I produce arts, crafts or  personal care items that will be for sale at the market
‘ Other: Please describe:
9 I have read the rules and requirements and agree to follow them.

Print Name___________________________________________________________________

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