Lawnmower Race Rules

You can download a copy of the Lawnmower Race Rules

Modified Lawnmower Races


FFA and 4H Race – Open to FFA and 4H members, must have a modified lawnmower (five laps)

Open Race – Open to the public aged 16 or older for a $5 fee, must have a modified lawnmower (seven laps)

Rules and Safety

  • Safety inspection required before the race on the engine and overall integrity of the lawnmower
  • Driver must wear appropriate clothing: jeans, closed toed shoes, long sleeve shirt, helmet that fits snugly, goggles, gloves are recommended, no loose clothing
  • Lawnmower must be modified to some extent
  • Lawnmower must have a manufactured frame (no ATV, snowmobile, go-cart, ect. frames)
  • Lawnmower must have an electric shutoff switch
  • No blades or decks on lawnmowers
  • Must have brakes on at least two of the wheels
  • Engine of lawnmower has to have a safety barrier (hood or shroud)
  • No profanity
  • No intentional bumping or rough housing
  • One three minute breakdown is allowed before disqualification
  • Fenders recommended
  • Mufflers required
  • Exhaust must be angled down at the ground


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