2019 Royalty Application

You can go here to download the 2019 Royalty Application Form

Montezuma County Fair Royalty
Program Application

Due: July 19th, 2019 by 5 pm

Montezuma County 4-H Extension Office OR Erin Gordanier
109 W Main Cortez, CO 81321 20090 rd. B, Cortez CO 81321

Queen (14-18 years old)
Jr. Queen (11-13 years old)
Princess (8-10 years old)
Age Divisions based on 4-H guidelines

Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
City/State _____________________________ Zip________________
Phone: __________________________________________________
E-Mail: __________________________________________________
DOB: ___________4-H Age (as of Jan. 1, 2019): _________________
School: ______________________ Grade: _____________________
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s)
I hereby make application to enter the 2019 Montezuma County Fair Royalty Contest subject to the Rules, Code of Conduct and Guidelines as published in the Royalty Handbook by the Montezuma County Fair Board, all of which I have read, and agree to the provisions contained therein as part of this application.

___________________________________ Applicant’s signature

___________________________________ Parent/Guardian’s signature


Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
Home/Cell Phone_________________ E-mail_____________________
City ___________________________State ___________ Zip_________

Parent/Guardian Name_______________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
Home/Cell Phone__________________ E-mail____________________
City ____________________________State ___________ Zip_______

If neither parent can be located, in case of Emergency please call: _________________________________________________________

List any medical conditions that Royalty Committee should be made aware:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I hereby give my permission to event officials to call a doctor or emergency medical service and for the doctor, hospital, or medical service to provide emergency medical or surgical care for my child, _______________, (participant) should an emergency arise. It is understood that event officials will make a conscientious effort to locate the emergency contacts listed on this document before any action will be taken. If it is not possible to locate emergency contacts listed, I/we will accept the expense of the emergency medical or surgical treatment.

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature ______________________ Date ______
Participant’s Signature _____________________________ Date ______

Montezuma County Royalty Contract/Release

Applicant hereby applies as a candidate for the Montezuma County Fair Royalty Court. If selected, the applicant will represent Montezuma County and will be required to transport herself to such events. Neither Montezuma County Fair Royalty nor the Montezuma County Fair Board provides any form of compensation or other benefit for the Fair Royalty. It is recommended that each applicant will have to have their own liability and health insurance.

Applicant and if applicant is under age 18, her parent(s)/guardian(s) hereby releases Montezuma County and the Montezuma County Fair Royalty Program and their employees, agents and insurers from any liability for any and all damages or injuries which may result to applicant as a result of applicant’s participation as a member of the Montezuma County Fair Royalty or in connection with the process for the selection of the Royalty. Applicant and if applicant is under age 18, parent(s)/guardian(s) further waive any claim they may have as a result of such injuries and agree to hold Montezuma County, The Montezuma County Fair Royalty Program and their agents and insurers from any claim arising as a result of applicant’s participation as a member of the Montezuma County Fair Royalty or in connection with the process for the selection of the Fair Royalty. Before signing you should read this document carefully. By it you are giving up rights you and your child may otherwise have.

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _________________________________
Date _________________
Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _________________________________
Date _________________

Parent/Guardian Commitment to Code of Conduct

Youth learn from their experience, observing and modeling the behavior after adults they know and respect. To contribute in a positive way to youth, parents and other adults will:
Ø Conduct themselves in a mature, courteous and respectful manner, use appropriate language, exhibit honesty, good sportsmanship and act as a positive role model at ALL times(this includes the internet, Facebook, and any other social media outlet).
Ø Provide a safe learning environment, free of physical abuse, mental abuse, ethnic, racial and sexual harassment or exploitation of the contestant(s).
Ø Learn and live by the principles of the 4-H pledge, 4-H Motto and 4-H Slogan.
Ø Adhere to all program rules, policies and guidelines including the State 4-H Dress code.
Ø During transportation, must have a valid Colorado driver’s license and insurance as prescribed by Colorado law and maintain the vehicle so that it is safe and reliable for the conditions, weather and distance for which it will be driven.
Ø Abstain from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs while participating in Montezuma County Fair Royalty events/programs. These are not allowed at any 4-H sponsored program, event and/or activity where youth are present. Adults should limit their tobacco use to areas where youth are not present.
Ø Respect the rights and authority of leaders, parents, coordinators, and Montezuma County Fair Board.
Ø Refrain from physical or verbal abuse.
Ø Apply rules of safety to individuals, groups and property.
Ø Accept personal responsibility for behavior.
Conduct not in keeping with these standards will not be tolerated. Violation of items listed above will result in consequences to the participant. Consequences may include removal, at the individual’s expenses and without refund, from participation in the event, restitution or repayment of damages, sanctions on participation in future local events and forfeiture of financial support for this event.

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _________________________________________
Date __________
Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature _________________________________________
Date __________

Montezuma County Fair Royalty
Code of Conduct

1) Conduct yourself as a lady at all times whether in Queen’s/Attendant’s attire or not. You are not only a representative of the Montezuma County Fair Royalty, but you are also representing your family, 4-H, FFA, school and community. Set a good example for your peers and behave in a polite and gracious manner at all times. A positive attitude and behavior is a must. Arguing, yelling, fighting, and swearing, obscenities will not be tolerated. You are in the public eye at all times and you must represent the Montezuma County Fair properly. You also agree to complete all duties as outlined by the Montezuma County Fair Royalty Board verbally or as written in the handbook.

2) Failure to complete your duties or fulfill your 1 year commitment, which shall commence on the last Saturday of the Fair and will end on the last Saturday of the Fair, and will result in forfeit of your reign and or participation in the royalty program and will have to hand over any gifts, you have received including scholarship, buckle, shirts, crown, sash, jackets, bags, etc.

3) It is expected that all participants will obey all local, state and federal laws. This includes any underage DRINKING, SMOKING OR DRUG USE, and/or immoral postings of the internet. Illegal underage activities WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Abstaining from possessing or consuming any tobacco products, drugs, or alcoholic beverages, shoplifting, theft, etc. This applies to all participants and current royalty. Smoking, chewing tobacco, drug use or drinking alcoholic beverages is inappropriate as is any posting of any illegal inappropriate behavior on the internet (this includes Facebook, twitter, and any other social media outlet). Participants found attending a party or social event and consuming of any of the above products will be disqualified and will forfeit their reign and or participation in the royalty program and will have to hand over any gifts, they have received including buckle, shirts, belts, crown, sash, etc.

4) It is your RESPONSIBILITY to be responsible for your actions. If you conduct yourself inappropriately, you will be dismissed immediately from your reign and forfeit any winnings. A contestant, Queen, Jr. Queen, Princess, Jr Princess can be disqualified by judges or the Montezuma County Fair Board for any offenses listed under the Montezuma County Fair Royalty Code of Conduct section.

I _________________________________ fully understand the Montezuma County Fair
Royalty program’s Code of Conduct. I will abide by these rules and I fully understand that if I am in violation of the Code of Conduct set forth, I will be disqualified from competition of the contest and from my Reign as the Montezuma County Fair Royalty and agree to reimburse/or return all royalty merchandise or reimburse the program for the amount of all of their merchandise given to the Fair Royalty over the period of my reign. 2 “strikes” will be allowed for minor mistakes, but any illegal activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal. A “strike” may consist of anything deemed unacceptable by the board and will be notified in writing that I have committed a “strike” by the board.

______________________________ Participant Signature
______________________________ Legal parent/guardian print name
______________________________ Legal parent/guardian signature

Montezuma County Fair Application Checklist:
DUE JULY 19th 2019 by 5pm

_____ Application- SIGNED

_____ Parent/ Guardian Information- SIGNED

_____ Contract/ Release- SIGNED

_____ Parent/ Guardian Code of Conduct- SIGNED

_____ Queen/ Attendant Code of Conduct- SIGNED

_____ 2 Letters of Recommendation

_____ 1 picture for Promotion of contest with short bio (Age, school,
4-H/FFA Project, hobbies)

_____ Essay 250 words, typed, double spaced, content, grammar, and spelling Topic: “What is the purpose of the County Fair?”

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