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Montezuma County
Fair Royalty

Revised March 2018

The Montezuma County Royalty Program exists for the purpose of selecting a group of young ladies to serve as official spokespersons and representatives for the Montezuma County Fair.
Contest Rules & Regulations
The Montezuma County Royalty Program is open to all Montezuma County residents.
➢ Applicants must be between the ages of 5 and 18 as of January 1st.
➢ Participant may be crowned with the division title for the age group one time.
➢ Once a participant is crowned Queen, participant is no longer eligible for the Royalty program.
Each year there will be 1 Queen, 1 JR. Queen, 1 Princess and 2 Jr Princesses crowned.
The Montezuma County Fair Board has the authority to re-configure the positions depending on number and ages of girls applying, abilities to perform the duties requested of applicants, and scores from try outs. This includes the addition of 1 attendant to each age group, excluding Jr. Princesses.
Applicants must be single (never married, never had a marriage annulled, or been pregnant, has never had children and must not marry or get pregnant during her reign). In addition, she shall not maintain any form of cohabitation with another person other than family during the time of her reign.
If for any reason the participant chosen is unable to fulfill her obligations in her reigning title; she agrees to relinquish her title and all privileges and prizes awarded to her.
Boyfriends or significant others will not be permitted to show affection (i.e. kissing in public) or other similar behavior while in royalty attire or at any other related functions while representing the Montezuma County Fair Royalty Program.
Convictions of any crime other than a minor traffic offense shall be cause for immediate dismissal. Illegal and unacceptable types of behavior, such as drug use, alcohol consumption, MIP, DUI, DWI, will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate dismissal and/or refusal of application to compete.

Royalty Clinic, Application Process, Try-Outs and Crowning
Each applicant must complete the Application and Forms provided with this packet. Contestants must have their parent or guardian sign the application and have 2 letters of recommendation from adults not related to the applicant.
Chosen applicants must be committed to attending 80% of the Montezuma County Royalty events as agreed upon at day of contest over other organization events that may overlap (i.e. if a horse show is scheduled the same time as Royalty event, you must attend the Royalty event).
The Montezuma County Fair Royalty Workshop will be held on July 14th, 2018 at TBD, this is MANDATORY. The Montezuma County Fair Royalty Workshop will cover topics such as: how to introduce/present yourself, how to interact with judges, how to give a speech, design of scrapbook, hair and make-up, etc. All current Royalty members must also be present.
Each Queen and JR Queen applicant will write a 250 word essay on: “What is the purpose of the Royalty program and what will you contribute as part of the Fair Royalty?” The essay must be typed and double spaced, and submitted with the application. The essay will be judged for content, grammar, and spelling.
For the interview portion, each contestant will meet with the panel of judges for 5-10 min.
For the speech portion, each applicant will give a 2-3 minute speech based on the current year’s county fair theme.
Modeling: The outfit for the contest is as follows: Contestants may choose a western outfit they think best represents themselves in front of the panel of judges. The outfit for the modeling portion of the competition is as follows: each applicant may wear their own western outfit found in their closet; no new outfits need to be bought. Each applicant will write her own commentary card to be read while modeling her western attire. Applicant’s outfit and commentary should show personal taste, style, and creativity.
There will be at least 3-5 undercover judges at Fair throughout the week, who will give each royalty contestant a score from 1 to 20, which will be added to the contestant’s score to help determine the winner. The score will be based on overall attitude, appearance, character, and “helpfulness” to the fair and to other youth at fair.
The contestant (along with her parents) must make a one year commitment and are required to sign to the Contract, and Code of Conduct (which includes 2 strike rule) and also adhere to program rules, dress codes, policies and guidelines. All contestants must be present during crowning. The year commitment will begin on the last Saturday of the Montezuma County Fair and will end on the last Saturday of the Fair.
The girls and parents along with Montezuma County Fair Royalty Board, have a purpose to represent Montezuma County as a unified group of one.
Application: 25 points, completeness, neatness and correctness
Personal Appearance: 20 points, grooming, neatness, cleanliness, composure, and self-assurance before a group. The ability to promote the Montezuma County Fair. Contestants are to wear: A western outfit of their choice.
Modeling: 25 points, creativity, positive outlook on life, self-confidence, projection – ability to project one’s personality whether it be one person to another or in front of a crowd.
Interview: 20 points, judges will ask two to three questions per applicant,
Speech: 25 points, 2-3 minutes using the fair theme as your topic for Queen and JR Queen, Princess and Jr Princess about themselves.
Essay: 20 points, Topic: “What is your 4-H/FFA project and what will you contribute as part of the Fair Royalty?” 250 words, typed, double spaced, content, grammar, and spelling- DUE with Application! ( Queen and Jr Queen Only)
Scrapbook: 20 points, maximum 10 pages with photos and information about yourself. Will be displayed for the public the week of Fair. — DUE with Application! Judging during Fair: 40 points (10 points per judge), There will be at least 3-5 undercover judges at fair who will give each royalty contestant a score from 1-20, which will be added to the contestant’s score to help determine the winner. The score will be based on overall, attitude, appearance, character, and “helpfulness” to the fair and to other youth at fair.
Letter of Recommendation: 5 points, 2 letters included in the application– Due with Application
Queen and Jr Queen: Total Points Possible: 200 Points
Princess and Jr Princess: Total Points Possible: 180 points
Duties: Must carry out all duties assigned by the Montezuma County Fair Board. These are ALL subject to change and members will be notified in plenty of time by the Fair Board.
Represent Montezuma County Fair Royalty at the following events:
Montezuma County Fair i.e. Sale, BBQ, Special Events
Radio spots for Fair publicity
Parade of Lights
Ag Expo
Ute Mountain Rodeo and parade
Any other ideas brought forward by any royalty members
Annual Meetings of Sponsor Groups i.e. Cattlemen’s Association, Farm Bureau

More Events may be added or cancelled as the year progresses
Royalty is responsible to know:
Dates/times for all events
Making entries for all events
Arriving at events on time
Know in advance time/place to meet, and what to wear or bring.
Sponsorships: Each Royalty member will be responsible for making a list of 3 possible sponsors that might be willing to sponsor a specific item for all members of the Royalty court or a dollar amount sufficient to purchase the items for all members of the Royalty Court. Upon securing sponsorships from supporting businesses, the Royalty Coordinator may set up other “activities” for all members to attend. Our budget is dependent upon the funds raised from sponsorships.
Photo Shoot:
All members of Royalty will be scheduled for a photoshoot sometime during the beginning of their reign. The photos will be used by the Royalty Board for autograph cards, advertisements and other promotional items (Montezuma County Fair Board may also use the photos for various projects i.e. bio in Montezuma County Fair Book)
95% of communications are done via email. When responses are required, it is expected to “REPLY ALL” to the entire Royalty Board on e-mails. If email is not a viable communication for a member, the committee needs to be notified so other arrangements can be made.
Appropriate dress during your reign consists of: REQUIRED!
Hat: Black western, should be appropriately shaped for a woman, fit securely, clean, and in good condition.
Shirts: Long sleeve western, collared, appropriately sized, and tucked in. No crop tops or tank tops. Matching western shirts may be later agreed upon by the team.
Pants: Enhance the figure, neither too tight nor too baggy. No faded pants or “High waters”
Belt/ Buckle / Tiara: The belt should be attractive and appropriate sized and strong enough to support the weight of the buckle. The buckle, tiara and the sash are part of the outfit and should be worn at all times when acting as Montezuma County Royalty
Boots: Should be kept clean and polished
Royalty: Should be presentable when out in public, when not serving in the official capacity (i.e. showing animals at fair) at these times clothes are clean and in good repair, free of holes, tears or slashes. Clothes are free from violent or drug-related materials, or anything that alludes to violations of the Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct: Program participants and parents are expected to abide by the stated rules including:
Conduct self in a courteous, respectful manner, use appropriate language, exhibit good sportsmanship, and act as a positive role model
Adhere to program rules, dress codes, policies, guidelines
Abstain from illegal and immoral behaviors- this includes the internet
Fully participate in scheduled activities
Respect other’s property and privacy rights
Refrain from child, physical or verbal abuse
Apply rules of safety to individuals, groups and property
Accept personal responsibility for behavior
Fulfill the one year commitment
Conduct not in keeping with these standards will not be tolerated. Violation of items listed above will result in consequences to the participant. Consequences may include removal at the individual’s expense and without refund, from participation in this event, restitution or repayment of damages, sanctions on participation in future Fair events, forfeiture of financial support for this event, etc.
2 “strikes” will be allowed for minor mistakes, but any illegal activity will be grounds for immediate dismissal. A “strike” may consist of anything deemed unacceptable by the board. Members have to be notified in writing that they have committed a “strike” by the board.
Age and presence of an adult or other perceived status is not grounds for behavior outside of established guidelines. A Fair Board Member or Parent Sponsor designated by the Fair Board must be present at all events, unless prior approval has been made.
Grievance Procedure/Policy:
Submit grievance in writing
Schedule meeting with Fair Board
Present grievance at meeting with Fair Board
Committee renders decision (pro or con) within 48 hours
In the ruling of a grievance with a crowned Royalty member, the findings of the Board are final

Royalty is responsible for coordinating with Royalty Coordinator:
Erin Gordanier (970) 529-3291

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