You can go here to download the Pick-up Rules

Pick-up rules are an addendum to the Montezuma County Fair Demolition Derby Rules. Montezuma County Fair Demolition Derby rules also apply.
1. Any stock made ½ ton, regular or extended cab, two (2) wheel drive pick-up truck is permitted. 4 wheel drives are allowed but must have front drive shaft removed and transfer case in high range. No Ambulance frames allowed. Maximum six (6) lug bolt pattern.
2. No super duty ¾ ton or one ton trucks permitted.
3. No Engine Cradle or pulley protectors.
4. Pick-up box must be anchored (fastened) in a minimum four (4), maximum eight (8) extra places to frame. Wire, chain, straps, U-bolts or bolts permitted. Maximum six (6) inch washers or metal plates can be used on floor for anchoring purposes.
5. It is recommended that the driver’s door be padded inside and be reinforced. Recommended method is a steel plate 1/8” thick and minimum 18” in width welded or securely bolted to outside of the door, maximum 8” in front and behind the door break. Centerline of plate should be at driver’s hip height. All other doors must be securely fastened by chain, wire, seat belt or welded.
6. All bumpers are to be stock truck type. NO fabricated bumper or bumper reinforcement permitted. Bumper height must be no higher than 28” from center of bumper to ground. Rear step bumper must have diamond plate and hitch plate removed.
7. At least one (1) mandatory chain, cable or bar must be installed between roof and cowl (middle of windshield) to prevent hood from entering driver’s compartment.
8. Rear cab back glass opening must be covered with a strong wire or nylon mesh screen that is at least as wide as the driver’s shoulders. Screen may be used in place of windshield.
9. Auxiliary gas tank must be securely mounted at least three inches (3”) from front of truck bed, center of bed forward of the rear axle. Secured cap, lines and fitting must be leak proof. Tank must be covered or enclosed in metal. Pump gas only.
10. NO gas lines through interior. All gas lines must be run under cab body.
11. A fire extinguisher is recommended at close reach to driver and secured. (Optional)
12. You may bolt or weld cab to bed of truck. If adding welded material, cab corner to bed ¼ panel, only one (1) vertical plate per side. Plate must not exceed 12”x8”x1/8” thickness.

13. Hood must be secured with 2 to 4 chains, wires or threaded rods. If threaded rods are used, only 2 may go to frame or through body bolts in front on core support. Rods cannot exceed 1” in diameter and must not extend more than 6” above the hood. Rods may be bolted (a maximum of 3 nuts per rod may be used) or welded vertically to frame (weld must not exceed 6”). Plates holding down hood may not exceed 6”x6”. NO pipes or pipe over threaded rods.
14. Mandatory openings must be cut in hood over each side of carburetor, two (2) 8” holes or one 14” hole or both.
15. Tail gate must be chained, wired or welded. If welding tail gate, weld only on vertical breaks. If adding material, welded plate must not exceed 4”x4”x1/8” thickness. One (1) plate only per vertical seam.
16. NO restrictions on tire sizes. Maximum 30” height and air only permitted. Tires cannot be bolted or screwed to rims. Valve stem protectors are not permitted. No double or liquid filled, greased, wheel weights or split rims permitted. Forklift tires and studded tires will be allowed. All must pass inspection.
17. NO lift kits. Stock suspension only. Bumpers will fall under rule number 6. Bumper height will be checked by officials.
18. It is recommended for driver’s safety that a plate of steel reinforcement (Squeeze Bar) be added left side, behind driver (Driver’s side) between cab and bed box (should bed box come loose, it would not puncture into cab).
19. You have the option to install a dash bar (dash bar must be installed horizontally above steering column as far forward in compartment as possible). Also a roll bar hoop/halo bar may be placed behind driver, above driver’s head as seated in cab and bolted or welded vertically to the top of right and left frame rails. NO kicker bars to frame. You may also place a right door and left door bar reinforcement, installed horizontally inside cab between hoop/halo bar and dash bar. If made, this reinforcement is designed for the safety protection of the driver. Must pass officials inspection.
20. You must have a protective bar on the driver’s door, but it cannot extend more than 6” in front of or past the rear of the door. (It can be inside or outside.)
21. Drivers must stay in their safety belts at all times during competition. If a driver removes the belt during the heat, he/she is automatically disqualified, except at an officials okay or fire.
22. If battery is located inside the passenger side of the pick-up, it must be fully enclosed and securely mounted to the floor.
23. Rules are subject to change with as much notice as possible, according to the Montezuma County Fair Demolition Derby Judges.

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